This is our hometown Luleå!

Skyline Luleå

Luleå – the town by the sea…

…and part of Swedish Lapland. A place of contrast with international atmosphere and the closeness to unspoiled countryside. Luleå can offer you action-packed adventure but here you can also enjoy tranquillity, peace and quiet.
Luleå airport is only a 15-minute drive from the centre and the town centre is so concentrated that the hotels, restaurants and activities are within walking distance.


The sky explodes in fashing colours…

Just like our summers are warm and light, our winters are cold and dark. When the town is under an icy grip of snow and cold, the skies sometimes explode with flashing colours: Aurora Borealis – the northern lights. Luleå offers a great variety of winter activities like snowmobile safaris, invigorating skiing or driving a dog-team etc. Råne Älvdal, north of Luleå, is Sweden’s longest unregulated forest river with great fishing and river rafting.

Hard steel, fantastic countryside and friendly people…

Luleå is a high-tech town and home to several world-leading companies. One is its advanced steel industry – SSAB – which has made the town a metallurgic centre. We have a University of Technology. Our links to nature and the sea is why we can offer visitors fantastic experiences with the help of our prime resources – beautiful countryside and friendly people!

Iceway Södra hamn

Luleå Archipelago…

Enjoy the Archipelago’s outstanding natural beauty. Take a trip on one of the local boats and stay overnight at one of the family hotels, or rent a cabin or small cottage.

Gammelstad Church Town…

The medieval church of Gammelstad church town is the focal point of Luleå’s contribution to the UNESCO list of world heritage sites, built in the 15th century, with 400 church cottages. Right next to the church town there is Hägnan, a culturehistorical heritage centre with an outdoor museum and buildings from the 18th century.

A Gateway to Swedish Lapland…

Thanks to excellent communications with the rest of the world and the town’s capacity to take care of its guests, Luleå is a natural gateway to Swedish Lapland. Here you will find vastly contrasting attractions like the IceHotel in Jukkasjärvi, Europe’s largest untamed rapids Storforsen, the world famous Treehotel, the world heritage sites Laponia, the world’s only brackish water archipelago and of course the Midnight Sun.

Sunset Sinksundet

Accommodation in Luleå

There is accommodation to suit all tastes: Lovely hotels, good value youth hostels, a first class campsite and several beautiful conference centres and pensions. In addition there are chalets to hire, both in Luleå and its environs and out in the archipelago. There are all the prerequisites for a pleasant stay in Luleå. Click here for accommodation

How to get here…

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